The Human Path teaches students the valuable and forgotten skills of yesterday for today’s world.  Practical herbalism, herbal first aid, wilderness and urban first aid & survival, community-level sustainability, regenerative agriculture, community emergency response, scouting and advance preparation, tactical and remote medicine, post-disaster assistance and self-defense are organized into a cohesive, team-based teaching model.

We teach both online and on-site courses that complement each other and create students who become healers, teachers and leaders in their own communities.

Aside from school-based projects, we also support the non-profit Herbal Medics and travel to underserved, often remote areas in the USA and abroad to create sustainable, community health through herbal clinics, water purification, off-grid construction and much more.

Our campus is located on 50 acres in the hill country north of San Antonio, TX. We also run our own student-managed herbal clinic in San Antonio and run mobile clinics throughout central Texas. Additionally, we host or sponsor clinical weeks in remote and/or medically underserved communities around the USA and abroad.

Our herbalism programs (Herbal Medics University) offer over 1200 hours of a balance between online, in-clinic and on-campus instruction in the areas of clinical herbalism, advanced medicine making, emergent responder, herbalism for women and children, doula certification and medicine growing and wildcrafting (starting spring, 2017).

Our team-based skills are organized into certification paths which allow students to specialize in skills that are necessary and useful on the ground during real-world excursions to medically underserved communities.

The Certification Paths at The Human Path

* For the medic certification path, the 90-hour Wilderness Herbal First Responder certification (10-day WFR + herbal first aid components online and on-campus) can be taken in place of the Herbal Medic Basic and WHFA.