Wilderness First Aid Certification Course – February 2023

Students wishing to renew their WHFR certification can do so by taking the WFA if they were certified inside of 2 years from the start date of this course. Simply select the WHFR Renewal option at checkout, or let us know in an email that you’d like to renew your certification by taking this WFA. […]

Herbal First Aid Course – February 2023

This module can be taken as a bundle with the Wilderness First Aid Certification, or separately! Using plant medicine in the field is our trademark and our specialty. Add an additional 8 hours of training to your certification by learning about and showing proficiency using herbs in the field. Learn the essentials of first aid care while […]

Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification (WFR Part 1)

Our Wilderness First Responder is now available as a hybrid course. This involves three phases that must be passed in order. Phase 1 can be taken by itself for students who only wish to complete a standard WFA certification. Phase 1 + Phase 2 can be taken in order for students who only wish to […]