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About Us

The Human Path is a survival school that is focused around the survival of our human species. To this end, our classes are sustainability and earth-centric, yet also very practical and realistic. We are structured similar to a university, in that we have core paths (aka “specialties”) as well as electives (aka “peripheral classes”). All of our courses are focused on self-sustainability, and the subjects that fit into that focus span a very wide range as well as amazing depth in each subject.

We integrate an enormous amount of hands-on training and scenario-based training into every class we teach, as it is essential when you learn any of these subjects, to really have it become a part of who you are. This is how you can learn functional skills that you will remember and that will work for you even in the highest adrenaline or the lowest energy levels of your own life.

We instruct a huge variety of outdoor and bushcraft classes (wilderness and primitive living skills, tracking certification and naturalist studies, etc.), but that is just one small piece of the school. We teach thousands of class hours of many sustainability-related subjects such as plant medicine (herbalism), primitive and off-grid engineering, permaculture certification, aquaponics, green building, urban survival, escape and evasion, small unit tactics, reconnaissance, wilderness first aid certification, self-defense, teamwork and leadership, knife-making and blacksmithing, children’s programs and much more.

We are located about a 20-30 minute drive north of the San Antonio Airport in Texas on a 50-acre campus. We also teach some of our urban classes in downtown San Antonio, as well as hold our regular student-run herbal clinics downtown in San Antonio. We teach orienteering and land navigation, as well as our primitive survival races and many of our scouting and reconnaissance classes on a 2000 acre ranch close to town, as well as other locations throughout the hill country. We offer evening classes occasionally in the Austin area as well.

Our courses are offered both in weekend or evening segments (to include distance classes in the plant-medicine program) as well as much longer segments of back-to-back courses for people from out of town who want a full immersion experience. These happen in the fall and spring, and can range anywhere from one week to almost 2 months, depending on the program.