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Herbal First Aid Course – June 2023

This module can be taken as a bundle with the Wilderness First Aid Certification, or separately! Using plant medicine in the field is our trademark and our specialty. Add an additional 8 hours of training to your certification by learning about and showing proficiency using herbs in the field. Learn the essentials of first aid […]

Taos Wilderness First Responder Certification – July 2023

This 3-day on-site course in Taos, NM is the 3rd and final phase of the WHFR Certification. This 3-day on-site course is located at our Taos, NM campus. Students must successfully complete the following prerequisite courses to attend: The Standard Wilderness First Aid Certification The Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification Our Wilderness First Responder (WFR) […]

Spring Guerilla Foraging and Field Medicine Making

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Medicinal Plant Walk: Stocking Your Herbal Farmacy for Winter – September 2019

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Medicinal Plant Walk: Stocking your Herbal Farmacy for Winter Americans spend more money out-of-pocket on prescribed medications than any other country. Rising health insurance costs and denied coverage of necessary medicine is a reality for many households.  Join us for this early fall workshop and learn about the plants that grow […]

Medicinal Plant Walk: Herbs for Immune Support – August 2019

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Medicinal Plant Walk: Herbs for the Immune System So many people struggle with stress, chronic pain and fatigue that can gradually wear the body’s immune system down.  Plant medicine can be hugely supportive for the immune system and, combined with good lifestyle choices, help the body to rebuild from illness and […]

Medicinal Plant Walk: Herbs for Women’s Health – July 2019

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Medicinal Plant Walk: Herbs for Women’s Health A 2018 survey found American women have the largest burden of chronic illness, highest rates of skipping needed health care due to cost and are the least satisfied with their care, out of 11 studied countries.  Our country also has the highest rate of […]

Medicinal Plant Walk: Herbs for Gut Health – June 2019

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Medicinal Plant Walk: Herbs for Gut Health Some South Central Texas plants are excellent for digestive issues and supporting overall gut health.  Join us for this short 2-hour class and plant walk to talk about some of the star players in our bio-region that can be used to maintain and improve […]

Women Forging Steel: The Field Blade

WOMEN FORGING STEEL: THE FIELD BLADE This class is limited to 8 students and there are no refunds or transfers for tuition. One of the most important tools a medic can have in the field is a reliable blade.  In an austere environment, a sharp knife can be used in everything from camp survival skills […]

The Hand-Forged Knife: Intro to Bladesmithing – September 2019

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER This class is limited to 8 students and there are no refunds or transfers for tuition. This is an introduction course that will teach students how to make a knife in two days and how to use salvaged materials from leaf springs, roller bearings and other qualified steel pieces to make […]

The Off – Grid Blacksmith: Contingency Forging

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER In an environment where supplies and tools are not readily available, knowing how to spot good steel for making everything you need is an invaluable asset. Students will learn how to distinguish workable steel from trash by working with salvaged materials and mastering off-grid techniques. Become empowered in a course with […]