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The Medic

The path of the Medic is the “tip of the spear” of any project that we do at The Human Path, as well as volunteer missions that many of us embark on to support Herbal Medics.

Where all the other paths support the planning, logistics and other aspects of a team, the Medic embodies the primary purpose of our school and our overall vision: Understanding and creating health care in underserved, remote and post-disaster environments.

To that end, the Medic must not only have fundamental skills in Wilderness First Aid (WFA or WFR certification), self-defense and tactical medicine, but even more importantly have training in clinical herbalism and/or emergent responder paths.

The medic is responsible for understanding how to set up a clinic and apothecary in any environment, integrate with other health care services, perform intake, assess health care issues, create herbal formulas, apply first aid when needed, understand the root of local health care issues (i.e. dirty water) and how to solve those root problems, and more.

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