In the midst of the Covid-19 situation, we wanted to remind you that this is a perfect time to turn to plant medicine and working with the land. While many of our onsite classes have been temporarily suspended, we are still here for you online! Below you can find a listing of some upcoming online classes to keep you and your family educated and minds stimulated as we traverse this situation as a community.

As we are witnessing today, modern conveniences are not guaranteed and it is vital that we learn austere and sustainable skills, as well as herbal medicine, to use for ourselves and in supporting our communities in times such as these. This is the driving force behind The Human Path and what the school specializes in, and we hope that you join us in educating yourself on these important and timely topics so that our community continues to grow and support others in times of need, such as this one.

Program Highlight

Austere Medicine: Acute Care

Join Dr. Steve Pehrson and Sam Coffman for our Austere Acute Care (AAC) hands-on intensive at our 50-acre campus near San Antonio, TX. Both Steve and Sam started their respective journeys into medicine as U.S. Army Special Forces Medics. Steve went on to become an emergency medicine and family practice doctor in rural Utah, while Sam became a clinical herbalist and wilderness medicine instructor. Together, they teach a unique approach to medical issues in austere, remote or post-disaster environments that integrates the worlds of orthodox & wilderness medicine with clinical herbalism.


Summer Learning Online

Herbs for Pregnancy 4/2 Join Katia LeMone, Certified Professional Midwife and Herbalist as she explores the world of herbs and women during this miraculous time in a woman’s life.

Infection and Wound Management 4/6 In this information-packed online course, Sam Coffman presents weekly videos and lessons that gives students a comprehensive look at both herbal and orthodox wound & soft tissue injury management, and infection control.

The Foundations of Phytochemistry: Module 1 4/6 A practical introduction to the world of phytochemistry in the context of medicinal plants and clinical botanical medicine. Learn how to understand molecules, bonding, polarity, and other phenomena behind the actions of herbal constituents. For all levels of experience with chemistry.

The Parent’s Herbal Apothecary Online Workshop 4/14 (registration closes 4/6) With summer just a couple of months away, stock up your herbal wares with a child-friendly formulations that you’ll make with guidance in this 2-hour interactive workshop! A box of herbs is sent out for you in advance to make preparations with us.

The Liver System for Herbalists 4/4 In this 4-week (16-hour) online module, we will study the role of the liver in the body from the perspective of the herbalist.

Herbal Management for Acute Viral Infections 6/15 Using a vast array of medicinal herbs we can grow and find in the wild, as well as order online and prepare ahead of time, we can both support our body’s intricate immune system and tissues as well as take advantage of the multitude of inhibitory effects that various herbs have on different types of viruses.

Austere Childbirth 5/21 Join Katia LeMone, a licensed, herbal midwife with experience in over 600 births – many in completely remote, 4th world environments around the world – as she steps you through the processes involved in having a safe, healthy birth no matter what the situation around you might be.

If you are interested in taking multiple classes, please email to get bundled discount options and cash discounts.

Herbal Clinician Program

Herbal medicine courses at Herbal Medics Academy are designed to give the maximum amount of information, hands-on experience and even clinical scenarios, in the shortest amount of time.

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Doula Certification

Learn everything you need to aid in childbirth, both at home and in the hospital setting, and earn your certification.


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