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Beekeeping 101


“Beekeeping 101 – Get Ready for Spring Startups”

Those of you wanting to start up your own backyard beehives know that spring is the best time to begin.  Get a head start on everything you need to know to have a successful start!

This is an introduction to the art of beekeeping, with an emphasis on natural and organic practices. All students will emerge with enough information and hands on knowledge to start a colony of honey bees, and resources for answering questions that will arise as a result of beekeeping through the year. We will spend part of our time in the classroom, with a significant portion being hands on experience in a beehive.

This class will include instruction in:

1) Beekeeping origins and why become a beekeeper

2) Honey Bee Biology

• The Honey Bee

• Bee Hive

• Varieties of Bees

3) Honey Bee Pests and Diseases

• Pests

• Diseases

• Chemicals

4) Beekeeping Tools

5) Types of Hives and Designs

6) Hive Products

7) Honey Bee Calendar

8) Resources

9) Lab, hands on working with bees in an apiary

About the Instructor, Rick Fink:

“I have a BS of Biology from Texas A & M. I started beekeeping as a hobby 13 years ago. I am President of Alamo Area Beekeepers Association and member of Texas Beekeepers Association. During the last three years I transitioned from hobbyist to a full-time beekeeper performing live bee removal and relocations as well managing hives for honey production and pollination. During the last ten years I have taught and mentored many new beekeepers both youth and adults.”


*Cash discount is $80 if paid using check, money order or cash.

LOCATION:  San Antonio Outdoor Campus, Main Classroom



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Dates: This is a 4 week online course beginning on January 30th, 2023.

All course materials can be downloaded for personal future reference and use.

*Shipping of the poster is included for free with course tuition within the US. A digital copy will be provided to students outside of the US.

The online classroom access will close 4 weeks after the last week of class. Access will close on March 31st, 2023.

Registration closes on February 13th, 2023.

Course Hours: 16 contact hours for Physiology and Plant Science as well as Austere Medicine.


If you are located outside of the US, you will receive a digital copy of the poster that is being mailed out to students that you can have printed!

Early Bird Tuition: $70, available until 1/1/23 (Online processing fees apply.)

Early Bird Venmo/Check/Money Order/E-invoice Discount: $70 until 1/1/23 (No processing fees)


Regular Tuition: $90 (Processing fees apply)

Venmo/Check/E-invoice/Money Order Discount: $90 (No processing fees)

This is a 4-week online course that can be taken anywhere that you have an internet connection. You do not need to be in our area to participate.