Over the years in our bladesmithing classes, we have often been asked by students if we can add wood handles to the student forged knives or if we can teach students to make sheaths. The forging classes are too packed with technique to leave enough time for this craft, but we are now pleased to offer a course specifically focused on making wood handles and leather sheaths.

Students will start off with a quality high carbon steel kit knife (Green River, known for their history on the US Frontier and good reputation with hunters/butchers) and will go through the process to epoxy, pin, shape and sand handles to fit their personal preference and hand size. From there students will also create a custom leather sheath, specifically for their knife and learn how to form it to the specific knife and handle shape. The leatherwork process for creating sheaths will include cutting and shaping leather, sewing, dying, wet forming leather, and optionally students can create a personalized design or stamp pattern on their sheath as desired.

This class is designed not only with bladesmith students in mind, but is IDEAL for homesteading students who have taken the harvest classes and would like to make a custom handled blade to have for their hunting and harvesting purposes.

No prior experience working with leather or wood is required.

Students will leave with:

– A fully finished and sheathed knife

– Knowledge and ability to make leather sheaths for future knives of various kinds and tools

– Knowledge and ability to customize handles to future kit blades, handmade blades from their own forge work, and re-handle knives


CLASS SIZE: Limited to 8.

LOCATION: Main Classroom, our N. San Antonio campus

TUITION: $220 plus materials fee to cover handle, blade and sheath ($50)


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