What would you do if your cell phone coverage was down in a natural disaster? What if you don’t have a HAM license or equipment?  How can you run communications with family or friends during an extended power outage?

Having your own effective communication system can be a critical tool in a medical or post-disaster situation.

A short online course precedes our 2-day on-site workshop at our San Antonio, TX campus. Students will be able to watch videos and download information, documents, resources and videos to their own computers before the hands-on class where they will get practical experience working on setting up an off-grid communications system and learning about all the equipment needed and how it works.

This course is a great supplement to HAM radio enthusiasts, or anyone wanting to have a reliable emergency communication system set up.

The on-campus portion finishes with a full day of post disaster scenarios that allow you to test all of the skills you have learned, step-by-step, under increasing pressure and decreasing resources that force you to think outside the box.


Dates: March 7 – 8th, 2020. Online classroom will be opened 2/8/20.

Location: Detailed directions will be emailed out to all enrolled students prior to the course.

Lodging: Camping is free to any enrolled student, at our 50-acre campus.  There are also hotels within a 10-minute drive of the campus in the 78260 zip code.

Students completing any Human Path school program (EngineerScoutProvider or Medic) will need to complete this course as part of the training.  

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