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Having your own effective communication system can be a critical tool in a medical or post-disaster situation. What would you do if your cell phone coverage was down in a natural disaster? How can you run communications with family or friends during an extended power outage?

Because you can’t talk on the radio without power, we have detailed instructions on building battery backup systems not only for the radio, but for your home so that you won’t be literally left in the dark during an emergency.

We will dive a little deeper into the world of radio and important concepts on the operation of radios and then move into how to setup a radio dispatch site to assist during an emergency.

The Introduction to HAM Radio section of this course will help to answer many common questions such as what HAM is, how it is used, and how to become licensed.

Although social distancing prevents us from the two-day hands-on session, we will make the handouts available and discuss them in our live sessions.

This course will cover the following:

– Battery backup systems

– Operation of a radio

– Setting up a radio dispatch site

– HAM radio teaching resources for getting your license

– Where and how to take the test

– The overall principles of HAM radio

– HAM radio organizations

– **organizations that emphasize post disaster/disaster relief

– Licensing

– Frequency ranges

– Levels of certification

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