This course is designed to give 16 hours’ worth of lecture and hands-on practice to students who want to become more self-sufficient in the everyday use of herbal medicine at home for minor injuries and illness, as well as for students who wish to create a foundation of useful information for herbal medicine they can apply in a remote or post-disaster scenario. This course will also help the student organize their own materia medica based on practical usage and overlapping effectiveness of a potentially limited number of medicinal plants (materia medica).
Using plant medicine as a primary-care healing approach for:
o Respiratory infections
o Urinary tract infections
o Gastrointestinal infections
· Herbal First Aid for:
o Open wounds (lacerations)
o Burns
o Wound infections
o Injury healing
o The herbal first aid kit
· Basic First Aid
o Introduction to bandaging and splinting, from head to toe
o The primary survey
o The basic first aid kit


Dates: June 18 – 19th, 2016

Location: 2506 U.S. Highway 231 South Arab, AL 35016

Cost: $250


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