Pre-Requisite: Land Navigation  (this precedes Scout Week the previous day)

Co-requisite:  The Core Basic

This is a 6-day training that includes both primitive skills as well as reconnaissance, team movement, and escape and evasion.

The Scout Primitive Skills course picks up where the introduction to primitive skills in the core basic leaves off.  The scout continuation into primitive skills covers both urban and remote (wilderness) concepts for shelter, fire, water and food.  Part of the underlying emphasis of this course is to survive while also avoiding detection.  Techniques for being able to covertly build fire & cook, forage and fish, purify water and build shelter will be learned and practiced during this course.

Students will be sleeping in their own shelters, cooking their own food using methods that are taught. We provide a certain amount of local food, forage small amounts, harvest small-game, fowl and/or fish and a packing list that includes how much personal food you should pack will be emailed to students two weeks prior to class.

The second half of the week is called Reconnaissance and Team Movement, Escape and Evasion (RTMEE).

The RTMEE course focuses on integrating the skills acquired during the prerequisite courses (Advance Part 1, Land Navigation, Core Basic and Scout Primitive Skills) and into a fully experiential learning environment that focuses on several skills:

  • Cross country team movement
  • Camouflage techniques – hasty and prepared
  • Hide sites & reconnaissance
  • Covert communications and camps
  • Linking up between team elements
  • Mission and route planning
  • Counter tracking
  • Functional fitness
  • Land navigation
  • Car surveillance & tailing
  • Infiltration and exfiltration
  • Meeting with host residents, liaison and wrapping up the advance party plan

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