Whether you are on a long camping trip, a remote location without your usual pantry items at hand, or even in a post disaster situation; learning to ethically wildcraft and forage what you need for medicine and wild foods is an important skill set while on the move. This one-day class will include a field plant walk, some ethical wildcrafting, and then an exercise in preserving and working with harvested medicinals in a field environment for summer months.

Students will learn:

  • Working with seasonally available plants
  • How to ethically wildcraft
  • What does being a steward of the land mean?
  • When should you not harvest or forage?
  • How to safely identify summer edibles
  • Good S. Texas field guides to use
  • Preservation in the field
  • What is guerrilla foraging and why would a lower profile be important?
  • Foraging tools to have in your pack
  • Simple medicinal preparations in the field
  • Harvesting after an environmental disaster – cautions and concerns
  • How to keep your medicine mobile

At the end of this information-packed class, students will go home with several harvested and prepared medicinals, handouts of wild edible recipes and a mini field guide of plants to watch for in urban and remote environments in our area. You will also go home with a mobile harvesting kit to keep in your daypack.

This course will be offered 3 times a year – one for each growing season and focusing on bio-regional medicinals and edibles in season. This is a requirement for the Female Medic program.


Date: March 15th, 2020. 9 to 4 pm

Location: THP campus

WHAT TO BRING: 2 glass pint sized Mason jars with lids, 16 oz. of grain alcohol, daypack, hand-held clippers, hori blade if you have one, water, snacks, a sack lunch and outdoor clothing and hat for the field harvesting walk.

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