*This course will be offered three times a year, with the January course being offered live online. The September and June classes are pre-recorded. Details are below.  LATE REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE WILL CLOSE ON JULY 6, 2016.


This is a 12-week online herbal medicine course. Classes are held via webinar. Students will have full access to recorded webinars, documents, videos and resources through the online classroom.  Access is opened on June 6th, and new material will come in weekly.

Each week, there is a 1-hour live Q/A classroom for interaction scheduled with Sam.

In addition, there will be approximately 2 hours (or less) of assignments per week, a student forum, supplemental webinars and new class material uploaded each week, every Monday morning.

Students can work at their own pace, so long as the course material is completed by 30 days after the final exam date.

Start Date: Begins the week of June 6th. Online classroom access will open on 6/5 by noon.

Review and Testing Week: Week of August 22nd. **students can access testing at any point during that week.
30-Day Grace Period until September 22nd, 2016.

Materials Included: Approximately 20 packets of dried medicinal herbs that are used in the making of tinctures, salves and syrups as a class, cheesecloth.

Also included is full online access to the current self-directed online course which includes over 25 hours of video, audio, PDF and other resources.
Materials you must provide at the appropriate point in the course: Olive and/or Coconut oil (approximately 2 cups total), Raw Honey (approximately 1 cup), 80 – 100 proof Alcohol (approximately 2 cups), Mason or other canning jar, basic cooking equipment (stainless steel pans and/or crockpot, strainer, measuring cup, spoons, etc.)


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