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Survival Skills and Scouting Introduction

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In this two day workshop we will explore the survival and scouting skills heritage. Our ancestors maintained these skills as a way of life living on the land, this workshop aims to reignite the awareness of these skills in ourselves and our communities.

The weekend workshop will start with essential wilderness survival skills.  We will cover friction fire methods, water procurement and hasty filtration, basic knifecraft for field usage and temporary stone edges for cutting, cordage and binding basics, and burn spoons and bowls.

On the second day, the workshop will cover the basics of animal tracking and how to see tracks, construct bundle bows and survival arrow construction, and an introduction to Scouting skills that are the start to becoming the eyes and ears of a village for community security.

Day 1

Survival Skills



Knife usage and Discoidal Knives


Burn Spoons and Bowls

Day 2

Introduction to animal tracking

Bundle Bows

Arrow Making

Introduction to Scout Skills

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Workshop Dates: October 6 – 7th, 2018

Location: Our N. San Antonio campus (overnight camping is available)

Tuition: Early Bird Special until 9/15/18 is $100 for both days.  Regular tuition is $120.

How to EnrollRegister online here



About The Instructor: Kaleb Montano Hoeffgen has spent the last six years exploring survival skills, scouting, and disaster relief. He is a Martial Arts Instructor in the Russian Martial Art known as Systema and has extensive training in parkour and other disciplines for over a decade.

He is a survival instructor that has trained and worked with and alongside various organizations such as Trackers Earth in Portland, Oregon and the Human Path in San Antonio, Texas. He is also a die hard student of “The Human Path” survival school and is training to become an Herbal Medic and Scout for the organization Herbal Medics under Sam and Suchil Coffman.

To pay with Venmo, E-invoice, check or money order, please contact us here:


Dates: This is a 4 week online course beginning on January 30th, 2023.

All course materials can be downloaded for personal future reference and use.

*Shipping of the poster is included for free with course tuition within the US. A digital copy will be provided to students outside of the US.

The online classroom access will close 4 weeks after the last week of class. Access will close on March 31st, 2023.

Registration closes on February 13th, 2023.

Course Hours: 16 contact hours for Physiology and Plant Science as well as Austere Medicine.


If you are located outside of the US, you will receive a digital copy of the poster that is being mailed out to students that you can have printed!

Early Bird Tuition: $70, available until 1/1/23 (Online processing fees apply.)

Early Bird Venmo/Check/Money Order/E-invoice Discount: $70 until 1/1/23 (No processing fees)


Regular Tuition: $90 (Processing fees apply)

Venmo/Check/E-invoice/Money Order Discount: $90 (No processing fees)

This is a 4-week online course that can be taken anywhere that you have an internet connection. You do not need to be in our area to participate.