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The Core Basic (Primitive) Course is designed to give a good set of fundamental skills across a number of vital subjects that would be encountered in wilderness and complete disaster survival situations.

The Core Basic is the entry into all of the core programs at The Human Path. In the Core Basic you will be introduced to all 5 specialties or paths: Off Grid Engineer, The Herbal Medic, The Provider,  The Scout and Leader or Team Member. The Core Basic is 50 class hours that is presented as one single 5-day class. Classes in the Core Basic are lecture only as long as necessary. The emphasis is always put on hands-on training and exercises, with a final scenario that pulls most of the skills together while adding in the necessary components of teamwork and leadership. The Primitive Core Basic is the doorway to Level 1 Off Grid Engineer, Level 1 Medic, Level 1 Provider and Level 1 Scout.
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Core Basic (Primitive) Classes:

1. Snares
2. Fire I (Bow Drill + Fire Basics)
3. Shelter
4. Camp Skills and Primitive Hunting I
5. Awareness and Stealth
6. Reconnaissance
7. Field and Herbal First Aid (Local Medicinal Plants and their use in field first-aid situations, wilderness first aid introduction)
8. Self Defense I – Hand-to-hand and Stick fighting
9. Cordage and Knots
10. Primitive Cooking I, Tools and Utilities
11. Self Defense II – Handguns
12. Camouflage, Social Engineering and Practical Exercises (Scout)
13. Hand Signals and Small Unit Tactics I
14. Land Navigation and Small Unit Tactics II
15. Mission Planning and Execution with Field Exercise
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Dates:  Fall 5-Day Intensive Course Dates:  October 9 – 13th, 2016
Location: San Antonio outdoor campus.
Tuition: $650 for full 5-day course, includes all meals.
Couples Discount: 2 for $1200.00
Minimum of $300 deposit is required to register.

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Please view our school’s cancellation policy before registering