Eventbrite - Scout Online Training



The scout is in many ways the most important role in the team. Our scouts have real-world missions, ahead of our Herbal Medics ground teams.  The scouts arrive in advance in order to be able to assess the needs of communities, whether underserved or post disaster; and create a working plan that includes the full spectrum of preparation for a team mission.  

Scouts must be prepared for worst-case scenarios, whether it is post disaster in the US or abroad. This includes learning skills like escape and evasion and survival in the field.

The Online training will include these topics. This will help students prepare for the 6-day on-site intensive training.

  • Introduction to route planning
  • Introduction to land navigation
  • Covert survival techniques, escape and evasion
  • Budgeting: understanding the financial aspects of a mission
  • Making contact: the ins and outs of creating liaisons
  • Mapping: physical, cultural, linguistic and economic
  • Logistics: Transport, equipment, resources, packing
  • Communication: An introduction to radio and non-radio communication for the scout
  • Mission planning for a team

This is only the online portion of instruction prior to the on-site intensive (6-day) and can be taken by itself. You can take the online course separately, but if you want to take the on-site, this is a requirement.

Online Course Information

Course opens September 15th.

Students will be able to download all videos, pdfs and resources to their own computers for personal future reference.

Tuition: $35 for online course only.  **this is free with the on-site Scout training week.