The Welding 101 is designed for the person who would like to get started immediately with practical welding at home or on a homestead. We have expanded this to a 6 1/2 hour class to allow students more time to get hands-on experience with the welding machinery.

This 6 hour class will cover:

• Overview of welding concepts & Safety Issues

• Types of metal that weld or do not weld

• Types of welders and welding

• How to set up a wire-feed, flux-core welder (electric)

• Welding techniques
o  Welding a lap joint

o  Welding a corner joint
o  Welding project:  we will all participate welding a class project

Class Information:
February 16th, 2019
This class will be held at our outdoor campus, under the pole barn.
Class Times: 9 – 3:30 pm

Tuition is $65.


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