Taught in Boulder, Colorado at CSCH (Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism), the Wilderness First Aid 3-day certification course is a great place to start for anyone who wants to be much more medically self-sufficient. The usage for this material ranges from just being able to take care of your own family in a home emergency, to backpacking, hiking or camping trips, to living in a more rural area, to being stranded in a remote location, to a hurricane Katrina (or worse) situation.


16 hours of the course will include primary and secondary survey, extrication, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of trauma and life-threatening situations, splinting, bandaging, high altitude injuries, heat and cold injuries, disease and infection, snake and insect bites & stings, shock, head injuries, water purification, fluid replacement, building first aid kits and much more.

In the herbal portion of the course, students will learn fundamental herbal care concepts – the necessary shift in thinking, wound care and infection management using herbs, injury, shock, pain and herbs, respiratory herbal first response, gastrointestinal herbal first response, urinary herbal first response and how to plan, prepare and administer herbs in a first aid situation.

At least 50% of this class is hands-on training and practice. You can’t really learn these skills without the pressure of having to perform the tasks in the classroom to start with. The testing is both hands-on and a written test.

The certification is provided by ECSI, which is created, endorsed and underwritten by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

A certification card is issued which is valid for 2 years.



COURSE TUITION:  $275, and includes certification card and two course textbooks. A minimum of a $100 deposit is required to hold a spot in this course. Balance is due by the start of the class.

COURSE DATES: July 15 – 17th, 2016

CLASS LOCATION: Boulder, CO. *directions are emailed to all registered students.


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