In this two day workshop we will continue to explore the survival and scouting skills heritage. Our ancestors maintained these skills as a way of life living on the land, this workshop aims to reignite the awareness of these skills in ourselves and our communities. On day one we will cover advanced knife-craft use with more precise uses as well as a reintroduction to bow drill. We will continue fires with the introduction of scout fire methods for stealth fires, as well as learn how to find and maintain dry wood, and wood selection in wet and cold environments and seasons. We will also learn basic survival shelter construction and if time permits build hide camps and scout pits.

On day two we will bridge into technical scout movement. Individual and team stealth foot movement, negotiating danger zones, setting up rally points, and silent communication for negotiating dangerous territories. We will also continue into scout trapping, participate in scout games, and toward the end of the day we will start exploring the basics of basketry.

Day 1

  • Survival
  • Winter Survival Basics
  • Advanced Knifecraft
  • Bowdrills and Scout Fires
  • Fire Selection for Wetter climates and Cold Seasons
  • Shelter Building for Survival (Possible Scout Pit Construction)
  • Camp Selection and Security

Day 2

  • Scout
  • Individual Movement and Stealth basics
  • Team Movement and Stealth Basics
  • Silent Communication
  • Scout trapping
  • Basketry Basics Introduction

Workshop Dates: February 1st – 2nd, 2020.

Location: Our N. San Antonio campus (directions will be emailed to all enrolled students prior to the course.)

Lodging: camping is free to any enrolled student, at our 50-acre campus.  There are also hotels within a 10-minute drive of the campus in the 78260 zip code.

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