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Woman in The Woods – Personal Safety and Situational Awareness

Registration Ends July 21, 2023
$75 – 180
Start Date: Jul 3
Start Time: 7:00 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm

This is an online course. You can participate from anywhere you have an internet connection.

‘The Woman in the Woods’ is a series of 3-week interactive courses designed to empower all genders and ages over 16 to spend time outdoors and in nature with confidence and enthusiasm.

In this module, we will focus on how to increase our confidence and comfort level in situations that make us uneasy. How do you handle feeling unsafe in a social environment. What can you do when someone is too close in your personal space? How can you set up boundaries in a challenging or intimidating setting?

Jen-Osha will share stories and tools from her experience as a peace-keeper, traveling alone through Ecuador, and homesteading with a young child in the mountains of West Virginia. This module is designed to meet you where you are at, and help you move towards your goals with confidence.

Students will touch on these topics:

  • Addressing logical fears
  • Being brave in the dark: how to approach the illogical fears
  • Situational awareness
  • Seeing the “sun and the shadow”
  • tools to raise your awareness
  • Making wise choices with your physical resources
  • Using your human resources

Join us in a supportive and empowering class as we examine how we can make wise choices regarding our safety as well as allow ourselves space to be brave. This class will not have a final project, but will include weekly journaling.

The goal of this series is to nurture your connection to the natural world as a source of strength that empowers you in whatever situation you find yourself in – mom life, single life, married life, pandemic life – at this moment. Jen-Osha is an experienced and passionate educator who looks forward to growing and learning right along with you!

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Dates: This 3 week course begins on July 3rd, 2023.

Live Classes: The live class schedule will be released closer to the start date. (All classes will be scheduled for 7pm CST.)

Location: You can participate in this course from anywhere you have an internet connection! You do not need to be in our area to take this course.

Registration will remain open until July 21st, 2023.

*Students who enroll in the bundle of 3 modules will take any modules that have already passed on-demand. 


This module is the third of 3 – you can purchase a tuition bundle, or enroll in the modules individually. Modules 1 and 2 will be available on-demand.

Regular Tuition: $75 for one module. (Online processing fees apply.)

Check, Money Order, E-invoice, Venmo Discount: $75 (No processing fees)


Bundle of 3 modules: $180 (Online processing fees apply.)

Check, Money Order, E-invoice, Venmo Discount: $180 (No processing fees.)