he World Health Organization estimates 1 in 3 women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, with an average third of violent incidents at the hands of someone they know. Violent experiences can impact a woman’s physical, emotional, sexual and reproductive health indefinitely.

The Human Path is developing a female medic team program that emphasizes womens’ skills and safety, situational awareness and physical training to prepare and protect women who want to work in off-grid, post disaster or remote environments with more confidence.

This 2-day training will present training both with self defense skills specifically for women. In two days, students will learn what to do to avoid uncomfortable situations as well as what to do once the environment is dangerous.  Training will include self defense maneuvers, knife fighting basics, improvised weapons from items around them as well as firearms training for emergency self defense.

Upon completion, students will be issued a Medic Team course certificate for this class.  Students interested in participating in The Human Path female medic team are required to take either this course or an equivilent.


Course Information

Dates: November 17-18th, 2018

Location: The Human Path outdoor campus *directions will be emailed out prior to the class

Lodging: camping is free to any enrolled student, at our 50-acre campus.  There are also hotels within a 10-minute drive of the campus in the 78260 zip code.


All registered students will be sent a quick gear list of what to bring with them, directions and more class information the week before the class begins.




For a cash discount, we accept checks and money orders. For information, just send us an email here:



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