The Medic: An Introduction to HAM Radio

The Medic:  An Introduction to HAM Radio The process to gain certification for operating HAM radio is easy, but for those not familiar with the radio protocol, its hard to know where to begin.  This practice session is to help medics interested in gaining their HAM license and setting up a network for post-disaster, community [...]

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The Medic: Triage and Establishing a Command Post

The Medic: Triage and Establishing a Command Post REGISTER ONLINE NOW! Following natural disasters and emergencies, triage and command posts are often set up to act as a central communication hub for managing a disaster and organizing care for those most critically injured. There can frequently be chaos, disorganization and a slow response to affected [...]

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The Medic: Radio Dispatch for Clinics

The Medic: Radio Dispatch for Clinics One emergency skillset that is often overlooked is the use of emergency communications.  It isn’t until cell phone service fails during an emergency that communication comes to a standstill. This is a 4-hour hands-on training session where students will have a chance to work alongside the off-grid emergency radio [...]

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Emergency & Off Grid Radio & Communications – 2019

CLICK TO REGISTER   What would you do if your cell phone coverage was down in a natural disaster? What if you don't have a HAM license or equipment?  How can you run communications with family or friends during an extended power outage? Having your own effective communication system can be a critical tool [...]

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Practical Radio and Communications for Off-Grid and Post-Disaster Environments

“A 2-day Intensive that will leave you confident in your abilities to work with radios in any scenario” To complete the full Radios and Communication Systems course, students must complete both an online primer (6 hours) and a 2-day workshop.  The online course is pre-recorded and can be accessed within 2 weeks of the start [...]

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