The Medic: Herbs for Post Disaster Chronic Illness

The Medic: Herbs for Post Disaster Chronic Illness As the dust settles after a natural disaster, chronic health conditions frequently set in.  Smoke inhalation and respiratory distress follow wildfires, digestive issues will arise from contaminated water sources, and stress, exhaustion and grief can affect both emotional and physical health. Herbal medicine offers extremely effective approaches [...]

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Aromatic Bitters Workshop – Manitou Spring 2017

REGISTER ONLINE RIGHT HERE! Join us for a hands-on two hour workshop on making aromatic herbal bitters.  You will learn all about how they work, ways to squeeze them into your diet and your tasty beverages; and then roll up your sleeves, because you’re going to make your own custom-blended bitters that you concoct at [...]

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Arizona Wilderness Herbal First Responder Certification

REGISTER WITH CREDIT CARD       REGISTER WITH PAYPAL The Wilderness Herbal First Responder is over 80 hours of Wilderness First Aid combined with remote and post-disaster herbalism. The WHFR also includes a 32-hour WFA certification card through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). This is the merging of the worlds of remote or post-disaster medicine [...]

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Student-Managed Herbal Clinic Night (January 17th)

*THIS CLINIC WILL BE HELD AT A NEW LOCATION!* Please join us at 301 W. Dewey, right across from the San Antonio College campus. Please come out if you have any health concerns you would like to discuss and receive herbal advice, as well as actual herbal formulas for. FAQ: Who is this available for? [...]

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16-Hour Wilderness Herbal First Aid Certification, Virginia

REGISTER ONLINE This is a 24 hour course taught over 3 days (8 hours per day) and includes both a conventional 16-Hour Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification through Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) as well as more than 8 hours of herbal first aid training. Herbal First Aid information is integrated into the curriculum [...]

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Student-Managed Herbal Clinic Night – June 24th

Students enrolled in any herbal medicine program at our school are eligible to participate in the student-led community herbal clinic.  This is an excellent chance for students to get valuable hands-on training by manning the apothecary and making herbal tinctures, formulas, salves, etc. or working directly with clients doing intake and clinical evaluation. Student availability [...]

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Summer 2016 12-Week Herbal Medic Basic Online Course

REGISTER WITH CREDIT CARD       REGISTER WITH PAYPAL *This course will be offered three times a year, with the January course being offered live online. The September and June classes are pre-recorded. Details are below.  LATE REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE WILL CLOSE ON JULY 6, 2016. ============================ This is a 12-week online herbal medicine course. Classes [...]

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