Survival Engineering – Building Off Grid – May 2018

CLICK TO REGISTER Off-Grid and Eco-Construction concepts are focused on supporting the efforts of the Herbal Medic teams in the field. The skill set needed for a thorough understanding of construction concepts starts with practical skills that are needed in everyday life. This weekend hands-on class will cover the basics of construction skills, followed by [...]

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Making Butter, Yogurt and Simple Cheese

GET REGISTERED NOW! Simple, Delicious, Fresh Cheese. Tasty yogurt and creamy homemade butter.  You'll never want to go back to ordinary store-bought versions! Do you think making cheese is a complicated, mysterious, and labor-intensive process? Would you like to make you own yogurt, butter and cheese but don’t know where to begin (and might a [...]

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How To Start A Homestead

REGISTER RIGHT NOW! This is a fun hour-long workshop taught at our eco-homestead in north San Antonio. Do you dream of living off the grid for a simpler life? Have you always wanted to grow your own crops and meats? Is your goal to provide local produce and fresh eggs to your community? During this [...]

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Making Survival Moccasins

REGISTER WITH CREDIT CARD       REGISTER WITH PAYPAL Your feet are your foundation—learn to take care of them! This class introduces the basics of shoe-making for everyday wear. Whether in a disaster situation, or just to become more self-sufficient and learn how to protect your feet, this class will touch on foot health in survival situations, [...]

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Blacksmith Finishing Class: Handles and Sheaths

REGISTER WITH CREDIT CARD        REGISTER WITH PAYPAL Over the years in our bladesmithing classes, we have often been asked by students if we can add wood handles to the student forged knives or if we can teach students to make sheaths. The forging classes are too packed with technique to leave enough time for [...]

Blacksmith Finishing Class: Handles and SheathsJul 30 - Jul 31 @ 9:00 am to 4:00 pm2020-05-25T04:53:07+00:00
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