To celebrate twelve years of running the most unusual herbal medicine/survival/blacksmithing/homesteading/wilderness medicine/sustainable skills school in town, The Human Path is running a Chinese New Year Special right up until January 24th, when the Year of the Pig transforms into a Rat. We’re offering discounts on single classes, as well as deeper discounts if you bundle, and save EVEN MORE if you pay cash

——————————————————–Full Price       +Cash Discount———————————————-

•Apothecarist External Medicine           $480                   $440

•Botanical Functional Medicine             $500                   $450

•Herbal Medicine for Professionals      $425                    $375

•Austere Acute Care Medicine               $275                     $250

•Wilderness Herbal First Aid                 $750                     $675

•Sustainable Herb Gardening                $250                     $225

•5 Day Survival Course                            $525                     $500

•Scout Primitive Skills Week                 $500                     $450


•Nervous System                                       $160                     $145

•Formulating and Formulas                    $95                       $85

•Wound Management                              $75                        $65

•Venomous Snake Bites                           $95                        $85

•Integumentary System                           $160                      $145

•The Liver System                                     $160                      $145

•Musculoskeletal System                         $160                      $145

•Land Navigation Onsite                         $65                        $60

•Combat Medic 2 day                               $140                      $125

For every course you add to the initial course you choose, take an additional 5% off, up to 25%!*

Email to register your custom bundle.

*Bigger discounts apply to smaller classes first. Discounts will be built accordingly by THP Staff.

Be sure to visit Herbal Medics for more classes!